Cabinet Abillama

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strengthening the Cabinet Abillama Community

Our employees and collaborators are at the top of our corporate agenda, in terms of recruitment, retainment, mobility, and ethical conduct. We vest in and promote our female lawyers equally. Lawyers invariably undertake a rigorous training policy.

Contributing to development causes

Chafic Abillama, Managing Partner, offers pro bono counseling, in collaboration with the Beirut Bar Association and some of the country’s most active ecological and environmental NGOs and Human Rights committees before the Beirut Bar Association.

"As lawyers, we are responsible for improving people's lives, and ensuring the sustainability of the underlying legal processes and considerations."

Samir Abillama, Founding Partner

Raising awareness

Samir Abillama has lectured for 18 years in several Faculties of Law, such as the the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and the Université Saint Joseph (USJ) in Beirut, in Civil and Commercial Law, to several generations of jurists. He has also participated in, and organized a large number of conferences in Lebanon and abroad (Paris, London, Cairo, Damascus, Morocco, and other) on various legal and social concerns.

Promoting Human Rights and Women's Rights

Samir Abillama was elected in 1991 to preside the Beirut Bar Association for two years (1991-1993). During his mandate, he played a leading role in the protection and the promotion of Human Rights and more specifically Women' Rights in Lebanon and the Region, representing his country at the forefront of the Arab legal world and presiding the Arab Human Rights Association of the Arab Lawyers Association. Abillama was also elected president of the Ethics Committee and the Arbitration Committee of the Beirut Bar Association ( .