Cabinet Abillama


A law firm is only as solid and experienced as the lawyers who comprise it.

At Cabinet Abillama we have extremely talented lawyers who are always devoted to represent and best serve our clients. We are committed to hiring motivated, talented attorneys who are focused on delivering successful results for our clients.


Recruiting attorneys who already have experience practicing at another law firm or as in-house counsel for a company is an important way for our firm to meet its clients’ ongoing needs as we grow and evolve. Applicants should be prepared to provide us with a copy of their law school transcripts along with their resumes and cover letters. In some cases, a writing sample that is representative of the candidate’s legal skills and writing abilities is requested.

Summer Trainee Program

In a unique initiative of its kind, Cabinet Abillama offers third and fourth year Law Students the opportunity to enter the legal world of a Business law firm prior to graduation or passing the Bar Exam, by enrolling in its Summer Trainee Program. Applications for the Summer Trainee Program must include the applicant’s resume, official law school transcripts as well as a statement of purpose identifying their legal fields of interest and career goals. One letter of recommendation from a law professor well acquainted with the applicant’s academic work must also accompany the application material.

You can apply during the entire month of April of each year by emailing us at